About Us

CFO-Partner is the oldest operating CFO-services firm in Oklahoma City. Our team serves as trusted financial advisers who work closely with business owners and executive leadership to define and accomplish short-term and long-term financial goals.

We serve as the chief financial officer to business ranging from established business earning $5M-$40M in revenue to startups looking to grow their next move through acquisition.

We're not a CPA firm, but we have been known to work with them.

We’ve built businesses. We’ve worked in corporate leadership. We’ve been bankers. And, we’ve worked at consulting firms. CFO-Partner leverages our combined diverse experiences to assess and address complex financial issues, providing financial expertise, discipline and responsiveness to business owners and senior level management teams.

We go beyond financial consulting.

Our team works with business leadership to establish goals, and our team works hands-on with businesses to accomplish those goals. We don’t simply make recommendations and run; we create a strategy and help your team implement it. We’re there to help your team pivot as the environment changes and drive continued fiscal performance.

We’re not financial consultants; we’re your partner in success.

Not A CPA Firm - CFO-Partner

The CFO-Partner Difference

We're transparent.

We understand that transparency is critical to the financial health of your company, which is why we work on a retainer basis a
with all of our clients.

We’re disciplined.

We know from experience that financial discipline is the real secret to success. We create a plan and set guidelines to ensure your business has the cash flow it needs to capitalize on opportunities and navigate unexpected events.

We’re experienced.

CFO-Partner has been providing advice and delivering results for more than 19 years to CEOs, startups and big businesses in every major industry across the United States. All projects are guided and managed
by seasoned professionals.

We’re your partner.

We don’t just evaluate your business and make recommendations, because we’re not consultants or a CPA firm; we’re part of your team. We take it much further by investing our time and expertise to help you execute your strategic plans.