Mergers & Acquisitions

We're Strategic Transaction Quarterbacks

Strategic transactions offer a way for business to create value when organic growth opportunities are limited, but these transactions are far from routine for most businesses. We have served as trusted advisers to executive leadership on more than 33 closed strategic transactions - mergers and acquisitions, sales and divestitures. Whether your company needs to complete an acquisition or strategic merger to grow or you’re looking to position your company to sell, CFO-Partner will quarterback the entire process.

We Simplify the Process

Business owners face many significant challenges that can threaten the success of their strategic transaction. As an owner, you’re tasked with maintaining the normal business operations that already keep your plate full. And, throughout the negotiation process, you'll need to suppress your emotions to maximize the outcome. Your company will also be required to provide complex financial information to complete the transaction. Any missteps throughout the process could jeopardize your expected valuation. With CFO-Partner as your adviser, you will have experienced advocates and experts to guide your company through the complexities of the process.

We Maximize Transaction Value

This is where CFO-Partner excels. Our deep experience with strategic transactions makes us adept at anticipating what financial information will be required and communicating needs and priorities with the mergers and acquisitions team. We have developed processes and methods that allow us to be proactive and reduce uncertainty. We focus on securing the most value from the transaction, so you can focus on running the business and maintaining value during the process.

Financial advisor is presenting document to a customer.

Our methods allow us to proactively work on behalf of our clients reduce uncertainty and increase transaction value.

Need Transaction Support?

We're here to help you through the mergers and acquisitions process.

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Why Choose CFO-Partner to Lead Your Strategic Transaction?


We're not overhead. We pay for ourselves by delivering value.


We've successfully closed more than 33 strategic transactions.


We speak the language of the entire team - CPAs, CEOs, Bankers and Legal.