Bank Financing &
Equity Strategies

Accessing capital through bank financing and equity options is a routine and critical part of growing a business. It’s important to have working capital to meet short-term and long-term financial and operational goals.

Your business will need access to capital for:

  • Adding employees
  • Expanding your office space
  • Increasing your inventory
  • Purchasing equipment & technology

Lending standards have significantly tightened over the past decade, which has made it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to access bank financing. Many growing businesses fail to access capital because they do not have proper financial documentation, lack sufficient collateral, have inconsistent cash flow or have a high debt-to-income ratio.

Fortunately for our clients, CFO-Partner's team has long-standing relationships with bankers and extensive experience in getting our clients the financing and structure they need.

Does your business need more than access to capital? See a list of our outsource CFO services.

We have deep ties to the banking industry that allow us to access the best financing and equity options for our clients.

Need Help with Bank Financing?

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Bank Financing & Equity Services

Create Financial Documentation

Cash Flow Analysis

Develop Financing Strategy

Debt Refinancing

Capital Restructuring

Banker Relations

How Do We Expand Your Bank Financing Options?


We regularly speak to and work with bank presidents in our region, and we enjoy these lifelong, personal relationships.


Having worked in and with the banking industry for over 35 years, we understand the intricacies of financing.


We regularly negotiate with banks to get the right structure and terms for our clients' required needs.