We're invested in your success.

About Us

We’ve built businesses, worked at corporations, been bankers, and worked at consulting firms. CFO-Partner uses our experience to tackle complex financial problems.

Our Services

CFO-Partner goes beyond financial consulting. We provide diverse, hands-on financial services to help your business short-term and long-term objectives with success.

Industries Served

CFO-Partner has worked with clients in nearly every major business sector, providing counsel and leading transformation from the trenches.

Need CFO Services?

We work with businesses at every phase of the business life-cycle.

Why Clients Choose Us


There's nothing more sensitive than a company's financial information. CFO-Partner keeps your business your business. You will never hear us name drop or provide specifics about our clients.


We're invested in the success of your company - not in office politics. Because we're a partner rather than an employee, we can advocate for what's best for the health of the company without getting mired in office politics and internal pressures.

We're In The Trenches

We're in the trenches working directly with CEOs and executive leadership to transform businesses. We get to know your business, your culture and your goals. We take a hands-on approach to developing and growing businesses.

CFO-Partner Successes

Assisted a large manufacturing company on the brink of failure, in the restructuring of their credit facilities and the successful implementation of weekly financial measurement and accountability.  The Company recovered and continues to thrive with record sales and profitability, even in a turbulent time.

Implemented the successful, weekly financial reporting and sales activity monitoring for a relatively new company that has grown 600% over the last seven years.

Mentored the ownership group of a manufacturing client on the merits of full job cost reporting and the measurement of non-financial metrics to ensure compliance with the adoption of the company’s first financial budget, resulting in record performance and an amazing turnaround of the organization.

Two Decades of
Contract CFO Services

CFO-Partner focuses on providing our clients with scalable, tailored contract CFO services that support their financial objectives and deliver real value.

We're not a CPA firm, so we don’t offer tax services or accounting services. We spend the majority of our time working with our clients “in the trenches” on projects that meet short-term objectives and deliver long-term financial results.

Clients Served

Two Decades of
Mergers & Acquisitions

With the expertise of our core contract CFO services, CFO-Partner has been engaged to drive and direct our clients' most important strategic initiatives – acquiring and selling businesses.

With 33 closed transactions through February 2018, our firm is the most active contract CFO services firm offering M&A services in Oklahoma.

Strategic Transactions Closed