How CFO-Partner is
Different than an Accountant

Most businesses that want a CFO typically hire an accountant, but this is often a critical mistake because many do not understand the difference between a CFO and an accountant.

An accountant focuses on accounting for what has happened in the past while a CFO analyzes the past and makes recommendations that will increase the value of a company in the future. 

It’s important for businesses to have an excellent accountant to advise on tax and accounting matters, but if your business needs operationally-focused, forward-thinking, big-picture financial advice, then you need a full-time or outsource CFO

There's a significant difference between finance and accounting.

A experienced CFO can provide insights like:

  • What investments do we need to make to grow?
  • What do we need to access capital?
  • How can we improve cash flow?
  • What does the accounting data mean in relation to future business objectives?
  • How will new regulations impact our business?
  • How can we reduce costs and increase profits?

An accountant can provide information like:

  • What has happened?
  • Financial statements
  • Tax returns
  • Latest tax code changes

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Most accountants have never had to sit in “the chair” and decide how they were going to make payroll. Until you’ve had to sit in that chair, it’s difficult fully understand the big picture of a business. And, while knowing what has happened is important; it’s even more important to comprehend what those numbers mean to your business today and how they will influence opportunities and decisions in future.

CFO-Partner operates as a forward-thinking partner to CEOs and senior-level managers. We relentlessly pursue strategic business objectives, develop assets, establish KPIs, create strategies for top and bottom-line growth, and we hold ourselves accountable for the role we play in growing your business.

CFOs are strategic business partners to CEOs.